Learning to care less

One of the themes I find over and over in talking with people is how much we all care about the opinions of others. We all know that we “shouldn’t care”, but we still do. We care because we want to know we are okay. We want to know we are good. We want to be enough. But good for what? Enough for what? I think we would begin to have a personal revolution if we made ourselves really answer those questions. It gets hard to swallow the idea that I might be living to be good for the happiness and convenience of others. If we refused to accept that being good is the highest achievable goal we can reach we may begin to reach a little farther. We may find our real joy is in being free. Free to love with no pressure of obligation and fear. Free to create without fear of judgement. Free to show each other the true diversity that is found in authentic connection. Yes, please. Let’s do that.

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