ReConceive Podcast

For the last several months I have been part of a project that I am so proud of. My colleagues and friends, Deborah Cox and Shauna Smith, and I have been creating a podcast together that focuses on the interweaving connections of mind, body and spirit. We talk about healing of all kinds and have interviewed so many intelligent and creative healers.

We have just completed a series on healing through our physical bodies and we are getting ready to start a series on healing through spirituality.

At the beginning of the spirituality series I expected to learn a lot and have some great conversations with people that saw spirituality from different perspectives. What I did not expect was how personally transformative it would be for me. My understanding of human spirituality is altered and expanded. My understanding of my own spirituality feels almost unrecognizable. These conversations go so far beyond theology and practice and get to the roots of the common human experience of divine.

I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I did. And if you need to get caught up on our first two series here’s the link to find all our episodes. You can also find us on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. Happy listening.

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